Tips for a Successful Home Showing

Are you planning to sell your home quickly and want to make sure that your showings are successful? 

Have you thought about the private home tour? Because according to a recent study, 95% of buyers said that taking a private tour was very important to their home buying decision. 

To make sure your showings go smoothly, you can follow these 10 tips, which are very easy and highly effective:  

1. Clean every inch of your house, including the windows, appliances, hardwood floors, and carpets. 

2. To assist purchasers in visualizing themselves residing in the home, depersonalize and simplify by eliminating trinkets and family photos. 

3. Rearrange furniture as needed to make rooms appear larger and give each space a clear purpose.

4. Don't forget about curb appeal by completing seasonal tasks like planting flowers, cutting your lawn, or shoveling snow from walkways and decks.

5. Keep storage spaces tidy to show off your home's storage potential.

6. Highlight your home's best features, like hardwood floors or stainless-steel appliances.

7. Smell is just as important and sight! Making sure you home smells good can be a make or break it for the buyer.  Avoid strong perfumes or cooking with strong scents before showings. Simple trick is to add water & cinnamon to a baking tray and warm in the oven before a showing so it smells like fresh baked goods! 

8. Plan ahead to remove your pets and children to make the showings go more smoothly. During showings, keep your valuables locked away to prevent theft. 

9. Set a comfortable temperature during showings to keep buyers comfortable.

10. Provide refreshments like snacks, candy, and desserts to make your home feel welcoming. 

By following these tips, you can help potential buyers see the best version of your home and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

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