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Included below are homes for sale and real estate in beautiful Ottewell, AB.

One of Edmonton's largest neighborhoods, Ottewell offers investors easy access to the city, world-class amenities, and meticulously maintained move-in-ready 1950's homes. A mix of old and new buildings, there is a home waiting here for you. Named after the first family to settle here, the Ottewells. The neighborhood is one of the oldest communities in Edmonton. 

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Amongst the first families to settle in the area were the Ottewells. It was 1881, and according to family records, R.P Ottewell, quote, "cut his homestead out of the bush by hand," and built a ten by twelve-foot Soddy. A Soddy is a cheaply made structure made by pilling blocks of sod. Later the Ottewells became grain farmers before opening the first flour mill and coal mine in Ottewell.

Today, Ottewell sits on two hundred and fifty hectares. That makes it one of the largest and oldest neighborhoods in Edmonton. Many of the homes are 1950 to 80’s single-family homes. Ranch style homes were popular in the '50s, because they symbolized growth and the frontier spirit.

Homes available in Ottewell from that era include Starlight homes, tranquility homes, Gables, glory, level three midcentury split level, Grandette, and Modette. These homes feature large lots, some have attached garages, and some do not.

Low-rise apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and condominiums are also present in Ottewell.

Ottewell Location

Named after the first family to settle here, the Ottewells. The neighborhood is one of the oldest communities in Edmonton. To the west of Ottewell, stretches 75 street, 90 Avenue is to the south, and 98 Avenue is to the north. These exits and entry points connect residents to the city, shopping centers, schools, recreational facilities, health, and wellness centers, and all the attractions Edmonton has to offer. 

Is Ottewell Safe?

When it comes to safety, Ottewell ranks better than thirty-three percent of cities in Alberta. However, as one of the largest neighborhoods in Alberta, total crime in the area is sixty-seven percent higher than the national average and property crime is seventy-nine percent higher than the national average.

What makes Ottewell attractive is that the neighborhood has a livability score of seventy-four percent. That means Ottewell ranks better than ninety percent of neighborhoods in Alberta. The contributing positives include good schools, favorable cost of living, lots of employment opportunities, and amenities.

Is Ottewell a Good Neighborhood?

A friendly neighborhood with lots of kids for your child to make friends with, Ottewell is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in. most of the single homes have remained in the family for generations. So, this is the type of neighborhood where everyone knows everyone.

Only seventeen percent of residents in Ottewell belong to the renting category.

Homes in Ottewell

Single-family homes account for eighty-two percent of homes in Ottewell. Eighteen percent of the homes are renter-occupied, whereas low-rise condominiums and semidetached duplexes add up to seventeen percent.

This is the type of neighborhood where everything you need is within the community or not very far from it.

According to the city, there is a neighborhood redevelopment plan set to start in 2023. The plan aims to improve main neighborhood roadways. Local roadways, intersections and crossings, parks, and open spaces. Once complete, the project will make walking and biking in the area safer by adding or replacing street lights, sidewalks, and curbs. 

Ottewell Community Aesthetics

The streets of Ottewell are lined with trees, feature green spaces for recreation, and there are bike and walking paths along the main roads. The 1960s homes inject color and contrast into the neighborhood and the streets are always clean.

The skyline is clear and unpolluted, streetlights keep the roads lit at night, and the roads -are in good condition.

Walking and Cycling.

The speed limit in the neighborhood is 40 km/hr. And the streets are bike, pet, and walk-friendly. 

Ottewell skills park offers kids and adults -gravel tracks, two bridges, a skinny, and a few berms to explore on bike top.

Ottewell Community League

The Ottewell community league offers new residents opportunities to promote their business, volunteer, and become a part of the community. Membership is free, and once you join, you get access to community programs and events for adults, seniors, and kids.

The league aims to make the Ottewell Community stronger and offers programs including scouts, new moms’ group, girl guides, minor soccer, classes, events, fundraisers, and plenty more. Joining earns you discounts, deals, and rewards at local businesses including, the community league wellness program, Acclaimed! Heating, Cooling and Furnace Cleaning, Cloverdale Paint, free skating at the community skating rink, House of Wheels Yardly Snow Removal and lawn mowing, and the University of Alberta.

The league's headquarters is located at 7103 105 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6E 4G8 Canada.

Ottewell Amenities

Ottewell Artisan Farmers market, bonnie Doon shopping center, and Edmonton city center are all within one hour of the neighborhood. Also, inside the neighborhood, local businesses provide all the goods and services you may need. 

Ottewell is the type of neighborhood where everything you need is within a one-hour walk. There are schools, hospitals, shops, malls, and farmers' markets within walking distance of most homes.

Schools on Ottewell

There are six plus public schools in the Ottewell area, on average, these schools perform fifteen percent higher than the national average. Schools within three kilometers of the neighborhood include:

  • Ottewell junior high
  • Clara Tyner elementary
  • Braemar public school
  • Metro continuing education (adult): 7835 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • McNally Highschool:8440 105 Avenue, Edmonton.
  • Ecole Enfantine: 8728 93 Avenue Nortyhwest, Edmonton.
  • Airbrake Academy of Alberta:8170 50 Street Northwest unit 280, Edmonton.
  • Hardisty school:10534 Street Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Waldorf education society:7211 96A Avenue, Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Ottewell school: 9435 73 Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Austin O’Brien High School:6110 95 Avenue Northwest Edmonton.
  • Concordia University of Edmonton library: Edmonton.

Libraries Within 3 Kilometers of Ottewell

  • Little Free Library:10219 70 Street Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Simona Maaskant Library.
  • Edmonton Public Library:9915 67 Street Northwest Edmonton.

Ottewell Commute

The closest bus routes and light trains to Ottewell include:




Light train

Distance km


Bonnie Doon/Capilano


Bay enterprise square station



West Edmonton mall/ Capilano


Central station





Churchill station





Stadium station














Mill Woods/Mill gate





Mill Woods/downtown/Abbotts field





Lewis farms/university/Capilano





West Edmonton mall/downtown Capilano










Landmarks and points of interest within four kilometers

  • Bonnie Doon shopping center
  • Kings University College
  • Concordia College
  • Ottewel Artisan Farmer’s Market.
  • Downtown Edmonton
  • Edmonton City Hall
  • Capilano Mall

Ottewell Demographics

According to census data, Ottewell is currently home to 6315 individuals. The majority of residents are young adults in their thirties and forties. The average household income is $80,000, and many renters claim to spend at least thirty percent of their income on shelter.             

Many residents speak English at home. Other languages spoken in Ottewell include Ukrainian, South Asian, Polish, German, Jewish, and Chinese.

Looking to Buy a Home in Ottewell? Quick take

Ottewell is one of the largest and safest neighborhoods in Alberta. The community is friendly, and residents have access to the city, amenities, schools, and local businesses. Single-family homes make up the bulk of buildings in the community meaning, this is the type of neighborhood where neighbors know each other.

The proposed redevelopment plan set to kick off in 2023 will improve the neighborhood's aesthetics and safety. to become a part of the community, join the Ottewell Community League. Doing that will earn you discounts at local businesses, and you will have access to recreational amenities and programs designed for you and your family.

Ottewell is one of the largest neighborhoods in Edmonton, the area does not feel or look congested, the homes are enough space between them, and green spaces dot the neighborhood. 

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