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A residential neighborhood in the southeast quadrant of Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Kenilworth offers investors a mix of old and new. Property census data from 2001 says that seventy-seven percent of homes in Kenilworth are from the '60s. Ongoing development, upgrades, and renovations continue to keep the neighborhood attractive to investors, and the neighborhood's proximity to good schools, amenities, and Whyte avenue provide all the services, products, and recreation you and your family may need. 82 avenue, 50 street NW, 75 street NW, and 90 street NW, flank the neighborhood. Consequently, residents have easy access to the city and other areas via Whyte Avenue. Surrounding neighborhoods include Gainer industrial, Lambton industrial, Ottewell, Holyrood, Idylwylde, And King Edward park.

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Kenilworth Edmonton History

Annexed to the city of Edmonton in 1960, part of Kenilworth (to the south) became an industrial subdivision, and the rest populated with single-family homes that feature garages. Due to age, some of the properties are on the market at a discount, which is perfect for infill and modern development. You may take advantage of the lower prices to invest in an inner-city property that sits a short 10 minutes from downtown Edmonton. This is the type of investment that is bound to make you a profit or make your commutes, amenity access, and education less stressful.

The neighborhood got its name from the castle of Kenilworth in Warwickshire, England.

Major property development in the area began post world war two and in the 60s.

Is Kenilworth Safe?

Kenilworth is a safe neighborhood to live in, police data shows that crime rates in the neighborhood are three percent higher than the Edmonton average. The cost of living in Kenilworth is one percent lower than the Edmonton average and real estate prices are six percent lower.

The neighborhood has a livability score of seventy-four out of a hundred.

Bottom line: if you are looking for affordable living in an inner-city neighborhood, Kenilworth is one of the best options. The lots are huge, the neighborhood is safe, and the locals are friendly.

Is Kenilworth Noisy

Apart from a few recorded noise complaints now and then, Kenilworth is a quiet neighborhood. A city by-law regulates Noise That Disturbs the Peace, including machinery and loud cars.


Homes in Kenilworth

most of the homes in the area are from the 60s. 1960's homes feature bright, flashy colors and are ranch-style homes with detached garages. Large windows and hardwood floors only add to the beauty. Some things you should know about 1960's homes include, the roofs feature a low slope and gravel construction, some had attached or detached garages, most of the homes are ranch houses, and the homes have large lots and backyards.

Asbestos was popular in the 60s, so before buying, we recommend getting the home inspected.

New to the neighborhood are duplexes, low-rise apartment buildings, and rented properties. If you are looking to upgrade or renovate, Kenilworth is a great place to look.

Owners occupy three-quarters of the homes in Kenilworth, some have stayed in the family for generations. Many homes have three or more bedrooms. The commercial buildings on Whyte (82) Avenue. Are from the 70s'. Two traffic routes flank Kenilworth on both sides. Because of that, residents have easy access to industrial employment areas and major shopping centers. In other words, all the homes here are within walking distance of work and commercial centers.

I must mention that the neighborhood is currently undergoing gentrification. Consequently, infill homes are replacing most of the larger homes. That means now is a great time to look into purchasing a property in Kenilworth.

Kenilworth Community Aesthetics

Large lots, streets lined with trees, green spaces, huge homes, and a relaxed city-country vibe perfectly describes Kenilworth. The streets are clean, the skyline is unpolluted, and as mentioned, the locals are friendly. This is the type of neighborhood where everyone knows everyone.

Kenilworth Community League

Whether buying or renting in Kenilworth, we recommend joining the Kenilworth Community League. The league's goal is to quote "meet the needs of the residents of the community of Kenilworth in the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.”

The league offers events and program for adults, seniors, kids, and even toddlers. The leagues' headquarters is located at 7104 87 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 3C2. Canada. This is where you will get to meet your neighbors, find opportunities in the neighborhood, and make friends. You may also join the neighborhood watch.

Kenilworth Amenities

82 street/Whyte avenue is where you will do your shopping, dine, or enjoy the nightlife. The street has restaurants, pubs, and other amenities. For recreation, Kenilworth Park and Kenilworth Field are excellent options.

Schools in Kenilworth

There are three schools inside the community. Namely, Sainte Jeanne d'Arc, Waverly school, and Kenilworth school. Other schools within three kilometers of the neighborhood include,

  • Ottewell school:9435 73 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Waldorf education society:7211 96A Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Austin O'Brien High School: 6110 95 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Avonmore School 7835 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Metro Continuing Education:7835 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Donnan school:7803 87 street Northwest, Edmonton.
  • W.P Wagner School: 6310 Wagner Road Northwest.

Libraries near Kenilworth

  • Simona Maaskant Library: Edmonton
  • Net User Group: 8807 85 St NW Edmonton AB t6c 3c4 85 Street Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Edmonton public library: 9915 67 street Northwest Edmonton.
  • Bibliotheque Saint Jean 8406 Rue Marie Anne Gaboury Edmonton.

Kenilworth Community

Two major traffic routes provide an easy commute for residents, the closest light trains and bus routes in Kenilworth include,




Light train

Distance km


Wild rose/Kenilworth/McNally


MacEwan station



Bonnie Doon/Capilano 


Stadium station



Castle Downs/downtown/king Edward.


Bay enterprise Square Station



Capilano university


Churchill station





Central station



Millgate /Capilano





Bonnie Doon/Maple Ridge/Meadows





Downtown/mill woods










Millwood’s/downtown/Abbots field





Lewis farms/ university/Capilano





Landmarks and points of interest within three kilometers

  • Bonnie Doon Shopping Center
  • Kings University College

Kenilworth Demographics

According to recent data, the number of residents in Kenilworth is currently 2567. The median age group is forty-seven, and the majority are married couples. Eighty-eight percent of residents claim to speak English at home. Other languages spoken in the area are French, Korean, and South Asian dialects.

The median income in the area is $88,891.00. That is, seventeen percent higher than the national average. The unemployment rate is forty-three percent below the national average.

Kenilworth Real Estate Statistics

If you are looking to buy a home in Kenilworth, you should know that due to gentrification. Real estate prices are competitive. The newer and renovated properties are comparatively expensive, but there are affordable homes in the area. Also, many homes sell for a price lower than the listing price. So, brush up on your negotiation skills or trust Haupt Realty to find you the home that is within your budget.

On average, buyers spend $428,000 on property in Kenilworth. The most expensive property will cost you over a million, and the lowest priced property close to $200,000.00

If you are looking to buy a home in Kenilworth and need estimates, contact us at Haupt Realty using the information below.

Looking to buy a Home in Kenilworth: Quick Take

Like many older neighborhoods in Edmonton, Kenilworth is undergoing gentrification. Consequently, the larger older homes are giving way to infill homes. That makes now the best time to invest in property in the area.

If you buy a home in Kenilworth, you will have easy access to the city, there are lots of employment opportunities in surrounding industrial and commercial areas, and there are good schools available. The amenities available are within walking distance of most homes, and Kenilworth is one of the safest neighborhoods in Edmonton.

Kenilworth Real Estate Agents

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