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Included below are homes for sale and real estate in beautiful Bonnie Doon, AB.

In the future, there are plans to transform Bonnie Doon will transform into a higher density residential area and commercial hub. Currently, Bonny Doon is a “community on the rise” -located in south-central Edmonton Alberta. The neighborhood borders the world-renowned attraction Mill creek ravine to the west, Bonnie Doon shopping center is on the east boundary, and Connors Rd NW, and 83 St NW, provide easy access to the area. 75th street is north of the neighborhood.

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Bonnie Doon Location

Sandwiched between Strathcona, Gallagher park, and King Edward park, there are plenty of amenities, good schools, parks, and recreational areas to explore. The first premier of Alberta named the neighborhood in memory of his ancestral homeland in Scotland. An oasis near the city, that is close to restaurants, boutiques, and streets decorated with tree lines -Now is the time to make it your home. if you are looking to buy a home in Bonnie Doon, here is what you need to know.

Bonnie Doon Edmonton History

At the turn of the century, Bonnie Doon was 'Highland Park' and the private property of A.C. Rutherford. In 1906, Rutherford, Alberta's first premier, subdivided and renamed the residential district Bonnie Doon. Bonnie Doon shopping center was one of the first Suburban shopping centers in Alberta.

Translated, Bonnie Doon means "pleasant rolling countryside.” Today, the neighborhood is a pet-friendly community that offers wide open roads, beautiful tree lines, and expansive backyards ideal for outdoor entertainment. Most of the homes here are single-family homes.

As mentioned, several development projects are going on in Bonnie Doon. The most exciting are the light train expansion and Bonnie Doon mall redevelopment. The latter project will transform Bonnie Doon into a high-density residential and commercial area. And the plan is to add at least four thousand residences, public parks, and businesses. The Light train expansion will include a stop adjacent to the mall.

Today, if you buy a home in Bonnie Doon, all the amenities you need, schools, and recreational areas will be within walking distance of your home.

Is Bonnie Doon Safe

Bonnie Doon is one of the safest neighborhoods in Edmonton. According to police records, crime rates in Bonnie Doon are five percent lower than the Edmonton average. The neighborhood has a livability score of seventy-seven out of a hundred.

the cost of living in Bonnie Doon is four percent higher than the national average, and real estate prices are twenty-one percent higher than the national average.

Petty crimes such as car break-ins are rampant in the area, so make sure that you lock your vehicle.

Is Bonnie Doon Noisy?

Bonnie Doon is a growing community. Consequently, nighttime construction may cause some noise. So, if you are in a construction area, you may suffer some inconvenience.

Regardless, Bonnie Doon is a quiet neighborhood.

Homes in Bonnie Doon

Ongoing development in Bonnie Doon introduced upgraded and renovated homes, open floor plans, buildings with crisp, clean aesthetics, spacious streets, and custom homes. The newer homes, built-in 2018 onwards, are comparatively expensive because most feature low emittance windows, smart functions, low flow plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient designs, and some have solar panels.

Many homes in Bonnie Doon overlook the North Saskatchewan River which is one of the most beautiful rivers in North America. Add to that Mill Creek Ravine, and you have a scenic community.

Most of the single-family homes in Bonnie Doon are updated post world war two bungalows that sit on spacious lots. Infill homes are a new addition to the area.

The homes currently available include single-family homes, duplexes, furnished and unfurnished apartments, attached and detached homes, condominiums, row houses, and townhomes. The ongoing expansion will add more homes, meaning now is the time to secure your investment.

Bonnie Doon Community Aesthetics

Bonnie Doon is a mix of old and new. The neighborhood has a crisp clean look, it does not feel like a commercial center, and the streets are always clean. The redevelopment, check the image, will inject a futuristic vibe into the neighborhood that encompasses elements of nature. That means lots of green, and neutral color pallets.

Bonnie Doon Community League

If you are a new property owner in the area, we recommend joining the Bonnie Doon Community League. The league has a hall at 9240-93 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 3T6, where residents gather to discuss issues that affect the community.

Joining the league grants you access to events and programs, including high fitness, paint classes, pickleball, craft night, playgroup, soccer, swimming, seniors' activities, tai chi, yoga, Zumba and plenty more.

The league also runs the neighborhood watch, so if you'd like to take part call 780-423-4567.

Bonnie Doon Amenities

All homes in Bonnie Doon are within walking distance of shops, services, restaurants, parks, and recreational centers. Making Bonnie Doon one of the most amenity-friendly neighborhoods in Alberta. The redevelopment project will bring in lots of new business and opportunities.

Furthermore, Bonnie Doon borders the east end of Whyte avenue. On Whyte avenue there are countless cafes, pubs, boutiques, and everything else you and your family may need.

There are also plenty of parks and green spaces within the neighborhood that you may take advantage of.

Bonnie Doon Demographics

Recent census data suggests that there are 5262 people currently living in Bonnie Doon. The majority of residents are in their thirties and the average household income in the area is $84,000.00

Fifty percent of residents in the area are renting property, whereas forty-eight percent own property. Most residents spend more than thirty percent of their income on shelter.

The majority speak English and French. Other non-official languages include Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Russian.

Bonnie Doon schools

There are excellent schools within 1 km of Bonnie Doon, including,

  • Rutherford School 862091 street Edmonton.
  • Vimmy Ridge Sports School: 820590 Avenue Northwest Edmonton.
  • Donnan School 7803 87 Street Northwest Edmonton.
  • Holyrood School: 7920 94 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Avonmore school: 7835 76 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Children's day out playschool:100005 84th street Northwest Edmonton.
  • Center francophone d'education a distance: 8627 91 street 312, Edmonton.
  • Ecole Maurice-Lavallee: 8828 93 Avenue northwest Edmonton.

Libraries within 1km Bonnie Doon

  • Edmonton public library:8310 88 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Net user group: 8807 85 St NW Edmonton AB T6C 3C4 85 Street Northwest, Edmonton.
  • Bibliotheque saint jean:8406 Rue Marie Anne Gaboury, Edmonton.
  • La cite Francophone:8627 Rue Marie Anne Gaboury, Edmonton.

Bonnie Doon Commute




Light train

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Corona station



Bonnie Doon-maple ridge- meadows


Bay enterprise square station



Mill woods/mill gate


Churchill station



Bonnie Doon/Ritchie


Grandin station



Capilano university


Central station



West Edmonton mall





Castle downs/downtown/king Edward park










Downtown Capilano





Bonnie Doon/central Baptist Manor





Landmark and Attractions near Bonnie Doon

Landmarks and points of interest within 3 km of Bonnie Doon include,

  • Bonnie Doon shopping center
  • Edmonton city center
  • Alberta legislature building
  • Manulife place
  • Commonwealth stadium
  • Glenrose rehabilitation hospital
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Alberta hospital
  • Edmonton city hall

Bonnie Doon Real Estate Statistics

On average, buyers spend $483,000.00 on property in Bonnie Doon. The lowest-priced property in the area is currently retailing at $160,000.00. And the most expensive property a million-plus.

TIP: Expect to pay close to $300 per square foot.

Buy a Home in Bonnie Doon: Summary

One of the oldest and still growing neighborhoods, Bonnie Doon offers investors scenic views, access to the city, all the amenities you need are within walking distance, and it is a very safe neighborhood. Ongoing redevelopment may cause noise complaints now and then, but the neighborhood is quiet.

There are good schools in the area, and the homes are a mix of old and new. To become part of the community or neighborhood watch, you may join the Bonnie Doon Community League.

 The community has an airy futuristic aesthetic, and the number of apartments, condominiums, duplexes, and single-family homes -is set to rise. In the future, all this development will impact property prices. Consequently, now is the time to buy a home in Bonnie Doon or invest in property. To begin, contact us using the information below.

Bonnie Doon Real Estate Agents

If you need more information about Bonnie Doon, contact Realtor Mathew Haupt via this number: 780-904-4666