Spring Fever - Home Edition

Wow did March ever fly by! With April on the close horizon everyone is starting to feel that Spring itch or more well known as "Spring fever", with the first day of Spring behind us I thought I jump on here and give you a few tips and tricks to have your home spring ready in no time!

Maintaining a happy well working home goes farther than dusting, bleaching, and vacuuming. Ask yourself when was the last time you checked your smoke/carbon monoxide detectors? Changed your furnace filter? Cleaned out your dryer vent?

Yeah that's what I thought... most people would have to really sit and think about it, but!! Have NO FEAR my list below will have your home in perfect working order for the Spring, Summer and early Fall months. You will have the luxury of being able to enjoy the upcoming seasons knowing your home is happy and a healthy place for you and your family.

1. Clean out your rain gutters and down spouts
2. Scrub walls, baseboards, and outlet faces
3. Replace all filter containing items in your home
4. Clean faucets and shower heads to remove excess calcium build up
5. Clean the dryer vent out
6. Wash exterior windows and walls on your home (Safely of course)
7. Deep dust and vacuum your home to get rid of potential allergens
8. Check foundation vent, and inspect foundation for any cracks or movement
9. Deep clean your BBQ if you have it stored away for the winter months
10. Prep your garden and/or flower beds
11. Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors(replace if necessary)
12. Clean off out door patio furniture and re setup in appropriate place
13. Check to make sure outside water taps are working and not frozen
14. Examine and possibly clean out chimney (if applicable)
15. Service your air conditioner system

Thanks for reading!
Happy Easter Everyone!


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