March 2021 - Edmonton Real Estate Market Update

WOW, what a month March was for the Edmonton Real  Estate market! To put it simple… IT’S ON FIRE! Let’s  break down the actual numbers so you can see for your  own eyes just how hot it is, not just from February but  even from year over year! 

Across the board residential sales in the Edmonton Real  Estate Market are up for March 2021, increasing 109.9%  from March 2020 and up 52.8% from February 2021.  

New listings have increased 51.6% from March 2020 and  are also up 55.7% from February 2021. 

Now you might ask, what does this look like for each  class of residential real estate? Single family homes,  Condo or Apartments and Duplexes or Row homes? 

In March, sales increased and were the following,  single family home sales increased 118.2% from March  2020 and increased 53.5% from February 2021, condo sales increased 79.6% from March 2020 and increased  51.9% from February 2021, and finally duplex/row homes increased 11.1% from March 2020 and increased 1.5% from  February 2021. 

And finally… we have broken it down even further:

Single Family Detached Homes: AVERAGE SELLING PRICE 


Month Over Month - Up 5.3% 

Year Over Year - Up 13.9% 

AVERAGE days on market – 38 

Condos and Apartments: AVERAGE SELLING PRICE 


Month Over Month - Up 4.1% 

Year Over Year - Up 2.8% 

AVERAGE days on market – 52 

Duplexes and Row/Town Homes: AVERAGE SELLING PRICE 


Month Over Month - Up 2.0% 

Year Over Year - Up 11.5% 

AVERAGE days on market - 40

Let us know if you are looking to sell your home  in this HOT market! Contact us today! 


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