Find the Right Edmonton Neighborhood for You

An overhead shot of a beautiful neighborhood with the sun setting

If you’re planning on moving, whether it be to a new city or within the same city, you may be wondering how you can find the right neighbourhood for you and your family. In this article you’ll find a few tips and tricks that will help you find the perfect area to look for your next home. 

Profile your Perfect Neighbourhood

  First things first, you should write down what your ideal neighbourhood would be. This way, when you actually begin your search, you’ll have a better idea of what is going to work for you, and what’s not. Get down to the specifics - Start off with your “must-haves” and get down to your “would-like-to-haves”. What kind of Community do you desire to live in?

Zero in on the Area

Once you have an idea of what your ideal community looks like, you should be able to narrow it down to a few communities that could work for you! Now it’s time to do your research! Here are a few of the specifics you should look into! 

  • Crime statistics

What do the crime rates look like in this area? Is it a safe place for you to purchase your next home?

  • Transit

Do you drive? Will you be taking public transit often? Take a look at the transit options in the neighbourhood if it’s something that may affect you. 

  • Schools

If you have children in school, do some research on the schools in the area.

  • Parks and recs

Is it important to you to have nearby parks, and/or recreation centers? See what the area has to offer that would pertain to your desires.

  • Neighbourhood associations

Are neighbourhood associations something you like to be a part of? Do some research on what that might look like in your new neighborhood.

  • Commutes

How long will your commutes to work/school/the grocery store be? Does this change your mind on the area? 

  • Future development  

Take a look at what the future developments in the community might be. 

Another thing you may want to take a look at is property tax in the area, and what other costs of living look like!

Take a Visit

Now that you’ve narrowed down your communities, it’s important to actually visit the area. Like they say, you can't believe everything you see on the internet.. So take some time to actually explore the community. Take a few visits, maybe at different times in the day. If you get the chance to chat at a few of the locals, take the opportunity to ask questions. 

Remember your senses as well! Sight! Do you like what you see? Always keep your first impression in mind. Sound! Is it a noisy neighbourhood? Smell! Is there one? You can’t experience unpleasant smells through your screen.. But hey maybe the neighbourhood smells like fresh donuts - you can't experience that through a screen either! Taste! Now usually this would literally mean taste, but in this case let's talk about whether or not the neighbourhood appeals to your taste in living environments! 

I know I’ve bombarded you with questions throughout this article.. But I promise, these are all important things to take into consideration! Moving to a new community should not be something that is taken lightly, because chances are, you’re planning on being there for a while! So be picky, and enjoy your neighbourhood hunt! If you need help narrowing down some neighbourhoods that may work for you, don’t hesitate to contact your realty professionals at Haupt Realty!    

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