Edmonton Real Estate Market Update - November 2021


Edmonton saw strong activity in November, which is unusual for this time of year. We also saw an increase in new residential listings compared to November 2020. Also year-over-year residential unit sales in Edmonton were also significantly higher than November of last year, while we continue to see incremental decreases in month-to-month activity. The market continues to see activity heading into the winter months – a positive sign as we head into a new year.
All residential average prices are at $384,319, a 2.0% increase from November 2020, and a 1.8% increase from October 2021
Total Inventory 4,650 | New Listings 1,655 | Sales 1,314
Average days on Market for all types of inventory - 50
SINGLE FAMILY HOMES | Averaged $456,956, a 3.9% year-over-year increase and a 1.5% increase from October 2021. For November, single-family home unit sales are up 24.2% from November 2020 and down 1.2% from October 2021 at 1,112.

AVERAGE SELLING PRICE $467K, Month Over Month - Up 0.6%, Year Over Year - Up 3.5%, AVERAGE Days On Market - 44

CONDOS | Sold for an average of $226,433, a 1.8% decrease year-over-year, and prices are up 0.4% compared to October 2021. Condo unit sales increased 32.5% from November 2020 and decreased 9.3% from October 2021.

AVERAGE SELLING PRICE $220K, Month Over Month - Down 1.1%, Year Over Year - Down 2.4%, AVERAGE Days On Market - 61

Prices increased 3.0% from November 2020, selling at $348,017, a 3.0% decrease from October 2021. Duplex/rowhouse unit sales were up 61.8% year-over-year and up 8.1% month-over-month.

AVERAGE SELLING PRICE $356K, Month Over Month - Down 3.4%, Year Over Year - Up 2.9%, AVERAGE Days On Market - 52

New residential listings increased 16.1% year-over-year from November 2020. However, new residential listings are down month-over-month, decreasing 18.9% from October 2021. Overall inventory in Edmonton was down 10.2% from November of last year and decreased 14.9% from October 2021.
All Information was provide by Realtors of Edmonton website.
Cheers, The Haupt Realty Team

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