Permits and Basement Developments - Why you need them!

Let’s talk basements today!

More specifically basement developments and the reason why obtaining the proper permits is in your best interest.

First and foremost you will need to do your homework, it is indeed your responsibility to check with your cities rules and regulations on permits for basement developments and find out which ones you will need to obtain as it is your duty to get the permits not your contractors. 

You will generally require permits for all types of work such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC and any structural changes, its costs nothing call and find out so do your homework so you don’t run into costly mistakes once things have been completed. 

Why you need a building permit? It gives you formal permission to do your project and to make sure it adheres to current building code, local zoning bylaws and any other regulations that may apply to your project. Also to make sure projects are done properly and safely.

Permits can be costly but not as costly as running the risk of having to get them once the work is down and it costing you thousands in back work and penalties on not getting the proper permits beforehand.

This is also worth every penny if you plan to sell the home in the future as un-permitted work can cause a whole boat load of issues when it comes to selling your home as the new owner may request they be down before the sale will proceed and it also runs the risk of having issues obtaining insurance policies on un-permitted developments. They show the potential new buyer that the development was properly, to code and is safe and sound. 

**NOTE - this does not just apply to basements but any sort of renovations throughout the home.

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